Why Enter the Awards

Why Enter the Awards

Entering the Professional Sales Awards 2018 brings many benefits. Whether you enter, judge or sponsor the awards, your involvement can boost you and your organisation’s reputation, accelerate individual’s careers or help develop new competencies.

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Recognition for your achievements

You and your team have worked hard, and if you're reading this page, then you have accomplished something remarkable. Acknowledge your achievements by entering the Professional Sales Awards 2018. The simple fact that you have nominated your business speaks volumes to your team about how much you value their efforts.

Exposure for you and your organisation

Entering and winning awards can make your business desireable to work for. By taking part, you are telling the outside world that you recognise and appreciate the achievements of your colleagues, that you are the type of workplace who take personal development seriously, and that you believe that outstanding work should be rewarded. This can improve the quality of the talent who apply to work for your business and help to retain your existing employees.

Return on Investment

Finalists tell us that winning team-related awards helps them improve staff retention rates and attract a higher calibre of candidates when recruiting.

Access to business leaders

Entering the Professional Sales Awards shows that you are part of the sales business community. It gives you access to a network of business and thought leaders and influencers from a truly diverse mix of companies, big and small. There is plenty of time to network throughout the awards finals, with allocated breaks for sharing ideas with colleagues and new friends.

Share best practice

Attendees tell us they value the opportunity to engage with and learn from other teams who are all at different stages in their journey. All participants can visit the open judging and benchmark against peers and industry leaders, since these awards, more than any other, can be an amazing source of inspiration, as well as an incomparable opportunity to enhance your business.


You will receive valuable feedback from our panel of impartial, independent and expert industry judges. Make it through to the finals and you will receive your very own scores and written evaluation feedback report to either give you the reassurance you’re doing everything right, or provide pointers to help you take your project to the next level.

Reward & motivate your team

Entering awards and considering your team to be good enough, is a great moral booster. If you make it through to the finals or even go on to win, you will notice that your profile as a great company to work for will have been raised. This may lead to exceptional talent applying to work for you, having a positive outcome on your business performance.

Educate your team whilst having fun!

It wouldn’t be the Professional Sales Awards 2018 if we didn’t give your team a great experience! If you make it through to the awards finals, you’ll deliver your presentation to the judging panel. Plus, you’ll enjoy the excitement and anticipation of the awards finals with your team over an exclusive black tie event with a gala dinner.


Just think how good it would feel to walk up on the stage and collect your trophy, to add the words ‘award winning’ to your website. An award helps set you apart from competitors not only with clients, but internally for your sales brand. It’s a great way to promote your business and establish yourself as the ultimate sales professional.