The Categories

The Categories

There are 19 categories in the Professional Sales Awards 2018. Please browse the categories below. If you find your needs are not met by the initiative or organisation categories, we feel certain that they will be met by the individual/ team categories.

Each entry into an initiative or organisation category enables you to submit one entry into an individual / team category for £139.00 plus VAT.

The categories are divided into 3 sections:

  • Initiative: The initiative categories are for organisations who want recognition for their outstanding sales initiatives, either internally or externally. For example, you can nominate your initiative if you feel pride in your ethical sales obligations and the way you maintain customer relationships.
  • Organisation: This category is for sales organisations, that have gone the extra mile with their sales department.
  • Individual/ team: This category is for teams or individuals that have gone the extra mile.

There are no limits on the number of categories any organisation, team or individual can enter.

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Best ethical sales initiative

Sales professionals and organisations that take pride in their ethical sales obligations helping them maintain excellent customer relationships while achieving improved performance and meeting sales targets.

Best innovation in sales

Organisations and dedicated professionals who have gone the extra mile to introduce innovative strategies (initiatives that may include people, systems, process, analytics, insight etc.) that have significantly improved sales performance and figures.

Best sales development program (training and/or coaching)

Organisations that have prepared and delivered training that has not only resulted in major skill enhancements but has also brought great sales results. (In-house or working with a service partner).

Best sales diversity and inclusivity initiative

Global organisations that have achieved great sales performance by implementing workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Best sales performance improvement

Organisations that were faced with the challenge of low/declining results and have significantly improved the results by implementing effective turnaround strategies and initiatives.

Best sales recruitment initiative

Organisations that have recruited effectively and methodically, either in-house or through a service provider, resulting in impressive ROI and improved sales performance and figures.

Best social selling initiative

Organisations that have achieved great sales performance by building personal brand and successfully interacting with prospects via social media.

Best sustainable sales performance

Sales performance that is significantly above the market average for a period of at least 3 years.

Best use of technology in sales

The best implementation of technology into the sales pipeline that has streamlined processes and improved sales performance. This includes the use of CRM.

Best b2b sales organisation

Providers of b2b products or services, sales initiatives that have delivered great sales results. (Entire organisation)

Best b2c sales organisation

Providers of b2c products or services, sales initiatives that have delivered great sales results. (entire organisation)

Best regulated sales organisation

Any type of sales in a regulated environment including finance, banking, investment or insurance services.

Account management team of the year

Account management teams.

Best newcomer

An individual who has worked within sales for no more than 18 months at the time of entry. They will be recognised for their planning of sales strategies, use of technology, their performance against KPI’s and company and/or customers’ growth.

New business sales team of the year

New business development.

Sales team of the year

Your sales team is a team of high-performing, productive and professional salespeople that are dedicated to closing sales, nourishing leads and building trust with their clients, all while bringing in a positive return on investment. (Any team within an organisation which may include new business development and/or account management).

Sales professional of the year

The ultimate sales professional that is a negotiation master with the ability to recognise and speak to the needs, wants and wishes of their clients. (Open to all roles within sales including leadership, management, sales people, account managers and support roles).

Sales support / enablement team of the year

Includes all sales functions that support sales quota achievement including bid management, sales operations etc.

Telesales /inside sales team of the year

Any phone based sales team.