Our Partners

Our Partners

Listed below are our prestigious partners.



Huthwaite International

Huthwaite International is a world leading skills development consultancy. Research based, and the originators of iconic SPIN® we help professionals responsible for sales and/or negotiations perform to the highest standards. With a focus, not on training, but on enabling permanent behavioural change. Our work transforms fortunes and delivers a genuine and measurable return on investment. It’s why many of the biggest global brands come to us and stay with us, 25 years and counting in several cases. They place their trust in our methods and their faith in our people. They know that together we will achieve something exceptional.

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Selling is one of the most ubiquitous activities in our society. Everyone at some point sells and is ‘sold to’. The Association of Professional Sales is for those of us who sell for a living and are interested in joining and organisation that takes pride in how we conduct ourselves and the value we deliver to our customers and clients With nearly 3 million people working in sales in the UK alone, this community represents one of the largest employment categories in the economy. It is also one of the most under-represented – until now…

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The International Journal of Sales Transformaton

The International Journal of Sales Transformation champions sales excellence among global corporates and fast-growing businesses. Focusing on complex sales and transactional selling at scale, we offer a mix of quality journalism, insightful opinion, and research by current sales leaders, academics, and world-class consultancies. Our mission is to enhance the professionalism of sales organizations by bridging the gap between business and academic research to offer the best of both worlds. Our UK and international subscribers are sales leaders, CEOs, sales performance specialists, and business academics with an interest in sales strategy, talent, and execution. Annual subscriptions – offering 4 new quarterly editions in print and online – are available for just £25 + VAT, or £18 + VAT online only. All subscriptions also provide access to our entire online library of past editions, which is building into an outstanding knowledge base for the global sales leadership community. Please visit http://www.journalofsalestransformation.com/subscribe/subscription-options to subscribe.

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National Sales Conference – Lincoln West

The UK’s No.1 Sales Development & Training Day – The National Sales Conference is designed specifically for the development of the sales profession. If you are looking to enhance your sales team’s performance and results this is a must attend event.

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Malcolm Mc Donald

Professor Malcolm McDonald, MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc, was until recently Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director, Cranfield University School of Management with special responsibility for e-business. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on strategic marketing, market segmentation, sales and strategic/key account management. Malcolm has written over 45 books on the subject of marketing, has spent the past 30 years researching it and has helped many of the world’s leading organisations profit from being more market driven.

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Outside In Sales & Marketing is a specialist consultancy, services and software company. We believe strongly that, for many companies, there is a better way of selling. We help our B2B customers to compete, engage and have control of their revenue growth engine.

We work “outside-in”, focused on improving our customer’s’ situation and their ability to win more business. Our customer solutions are built on the essential building blocks of successful B2B sales organisations. We use actionable insights, experienced mentoring, simple tools and expert services to accelerate and sustain the right changes for each of them.

We work with many prestigious brands globally and also support ambitious mid-market companies to realise their goals.

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The Daily Sales

The Daily Sales one of the largest social groups of sales professionals across the globe. Providing daily sales content including hilarious sales meme’s, motivating sales quotes and informative, thought provoking sales blogs we’re the go to place for sales entertainment and information. Our content reaches millions of sales professionals across the world each and every day. With nearly 100,000 followers and growing we are here to help you sell!

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Sales Skills Audit provides a non-subjective online assessment tool that looks purely at selling skills. Unlike psychometric or behavioural analysis tools, where change is far more complex, we identify skill gaps which can be fixed within 24 hours. The benefit to the employer is the ability to manage an immediate upturn in sales performance. The full product, Core Skills, comprises 54 granular selling competencies and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Our data is dynamic, so if ‘good gets better’ then a candidate needs to be more highly skilled to be documented as ‘above average’ and therefore deemed competitive. Every time an assessment is sat the candidate’s data is loaded to our system and compared to that of over 25,000 previous candidates. A report is dispatch to the manager which is easy to read (graphical) and identifies where that employee sits, globally, on the ’sales skills radar.’ Core Skills is NVQ level 2/3 aligned and generic to all industries. It is perfectly positioned for customer contact centres, telesales, basic field sales activities, and available in 14 languages thus far. The assessment eliminates ‘sheep dip training’ that can waste sales time, training resources, and can prove demotivating. Visit www.salesskillsaudit.com to learn more about our assessment modules, new e-learning modules to fix skill gaps, and Recruitment Genie for hiring better skilled sales executives.

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