Journey to the finals

Journey to the finals

As soon as you’ve decided to enter, your exciting Awards journey will begin…

Step 1

Choose the relevant category and complete your entry form

Choose the relevant category or categories for your initiative, make your payment and receive that all important entry form. Collect all the evidence and results you need to prove how your sales techniques have made a difference. Remember, you will need to transform your entry into a presentation to the judging panel should you be shortlisted as a finalist.

Step 2

Submit Your Entry

When your entry is complete, upload it to our website. The entry deadline is Friday 24th November 2017.

Step 3

Wait To Hear If Your Entry Has Been Shortlisted

Once entries have closed, your submission will be assessed to see if it has got what it takes to make it through to the awards finals. The shortlist of finalists will be announced on the Monday 4th December. The finalists will be requested to present at the awards finals and presentations on Tuesday 6th March 2018.

Step 4

Prepare Yourself For The awards Finals

It’s now time to decide how to bring your entry to life at the awards finals and presentations in readiness for your live pitch to the judging panel prior to the awards finals.

Step 5

Book Your Place At The awards Finals

Bring as many of your team members along as you can! This is a great way to bring your entry to life and gives you a chance to say "thank you" for all their hard work! Whilst you are booking your seats, your original entry submission will be judged online by the judging panel prior to the awards finals.

Step 6

Awards finals and presentations

Come along, present your initiative during the day, enjoy the presentations, network with the cream of the crop in complaint handling and gain best practice from the leaders in your industry. Then it’s time to discover, who has won this year’s coveted overall winner of the best Professional Sales Awards Project 2018.

Step 7

Receive your entry feeback report

After the awards finals, your scores and feedback from your judging panel will be collated to produce your evaluation feedback report. This will reveal how the judges scored your entry and how these scores compared to the other finalists in your category. It will also detail all of the comments provided by the judges based upon both your written entry and live presentations.