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In 2012, Harvard Business Review stated that: “The hardest thing about B2B selling today is that customers don’t need you the way they used to.”

Nowadays, intelligent data and analytical tools mean customers know far more about their problems and how to solve them than before. How will this affect the sales professional of 2016?

Does this mean the age of solution selling is over? Not really. But it is evolving.

It’s now becoming more crucial to help customers understand problems and issues they haven’t yet recognised. It means there’s a greater requirement to understand the drivers behind customer need in order to demonstrate a deeper value. It means that questioning techniques which are core to world renowned selling methodologies such as iconic SPIN® from Huthwaite International are becoming more important than ever.

Understanding how to ask deeper, more insightful questions and how to pose questions that uncover fresh perspective and realisations, will likely make the difference between business won and lost in the years ahead. It will be what sets the best sales people apart.

A sales team experienced in SPIN® and VBA Negotiation has the capability to help transform the fortunes of its company. It’s a point of differentiation that’s hard to emulate and an advantage competitors won’t see coming.

It’s why the world’s biggest brands have relied on Huthwaite International for over four decades. And why we as a company have gone from strength to strength, continuing to out think and out perform in all areas of our business and our markets so that our clients can do the same in theirs.

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