Browse the categories for the UK Professional Sales Awards 2017, designed for every shape and size of organization and covering an assortment of business disciplines. If you find your needs are not met by the Organisation / Team / Individual Categories, we feel certain that they will be met by the Initiative Categories.

Each entry into an Initiative or Organisation category enables you to submit one entry into an Individual or Team category for £139.00 plus VAT.

The categories are divided into 2 sections:

  • Initiative: The initiative categories are meant for organisations who want recognition for their outstanding sales initiatives, either internally or externally. For example, you can nominate your initiative if you feel pride in your ethical sales obligations and the way you maintain customer relationships.
  • Organisation/Team/Individual: This category is meant for sales organisations, teams or individuals that have gone the extra mile with their sales department. It is meant for organisations that want to show appreciation for their sales team or individual sales professionals.

There are no limits on the number of categories any organisation, team or individual can enter.

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Organisation Specific Categories

Team Specific Categories

Individual Specific Categories

Best Newcomer
James Groom

The project identified a graduate who could work hard and smart to improve the database to the appropriate level, consistently generate meetings for the new business team and aim to be promoted to join the new business team within 12 months. They would then be replaced by another. We won 2 new customers who are on their way to turning over £200k with us.

Sales Professional of the Year
Sylvia Marshall

For the past two decades, Sylvia Marshall has been at the forefront of British and international business training and development. She has transformed dozens of ailing businesses through a combination of strategic thinking and bold forward-thinking.Her remarkable career began as the training director for American International Group (AIG). She was “famous” in the (then) rather chauvinistic world of direct sales financial services as not only a successful seller but went on to become the UK’s first female branch manager. She went on to launch the international training and consultancy business Able Training International, in 1992. Within ten years, she grew the business into a global market leader in its sector, mentoring senior executives of many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Sylvia is a passionate believer that the art of professional selling drives all business, large and small. Her work – both as an entrepreneur and a mentor – is widely documented in organisations including Scottish Widows, Direct Line, AIG, Lloyds and the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. As a member of the Institute of Directors Guru Panel and Co-founder of the Women’s Business Exchange, she can still be seen practicing what she preaches. Dubbed “one of the most inspirational and hardworking women on the planet”, Sylvia is a respected speaker known for her straight forward advice and willingness to help others. Having managed a successful corporate career and also built her own and others businesses, she speaks from a wealth of experience.Sylvia was a speaker at the recent ‘Opportunities for Women – Financial Services’ event, hosted by BNP Paribas and attended by numerous City institutions. Her ‘fireside chat’ on bringing entrepreneurial savvy to the corporate role was deemed ‘remarkably relevant and inspirational.’ She addressed the Institute of Directors ‘Women as Leaders’ national conference and more recently joined Sir Digby Jones as a keynote speaker at the The Wealth Management Association annual conference at the Mansion House.Her book, ‘Zero to a Million’ became an Amazon Number One and has helped many to launch their own successful business following her simple rules. Sylvia believes that this same philosophy of keeping things simple is the key to successful financial trading as an individual. Sylvia’s latest venture, the ‘’ teaches how to trade the financial markets alongside your current career. Again, something Sylvia has proven to be possible and has led her to being an award winning trader.Her role as a female business leader coupled with the diversity of her career has secured widespread exposure in every national newspaper including the Mirror where she currently has a business advice column.Sylvia is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and the Institute of Directors and in 2007 was awarded a lifetime achievement award for her work.

Initiative Categories

Best innovation in sales

Honda and ROI have a long history, partnering together for over nine years in a proven process to sell cars to the fleet marketplace, either small SMEs or large corporate customers. A new strategy for the sector was required which disrupted the way in which Honda UK approached selling. Results showed that sales have improved and Customer interactions are up by 348% 4.

Best Sales Development Program (Training and/or Coaching)

We had a challenge around induction and also questioned why some of our kitchen and bathroom design consultants were selling £200,000 and others £1m. Blue Sky designed and delivered a new induction to understand the difference between the behaviour of high and low performers and ultimately raise sales. This partnership has created a massive £50m uplift in turnover.

Best Sales Performance Improvement

Back in 2013 Audley Retirement faced a challenge. Sales team lacked the drive to see a property purchase through to completion. By recruiting a passionate and driven new Sales Director, introducing in-depth training methods, Audley has now managed to turn things around for the better. The Sales team now consists of passionate, empathetic sales people who get results while providing a five-star service.

Sales Management and Support

Clarify has invested in a sustainable cultural initiative based around the concept of ‘Psychological Safety’, which allows talent to thrive, the best outcomes for its clients to be achieved and the business to scale. Clarify has invested heavily in attracting and retaining the best sales talent. Since the cultural initiative was introduced Clarify has seen an increase of 114% of quality pipeline generated for its clients.

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